Travel The World with Timmy Ages 4-7


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Hop into Timmy's hot air balloon for a multicultural journey to visit friends in Argentina, Kenya, and Japan. Learn all about the customs and languages of foreign lands, building early math, prereading, and language arts skills along the way. Learn to greet your friends in Spanish, Swahili, and Japanese. Write stories about Timmy and his friends. Choose characters, settings, and actions, then hear your stories read aloud in English or a foreign language as often as you like. Print them as books to read to others. Play problem-solving games. Match pictures on cards in a game from Argentina, and use logic in a Kenyan bug game. Each game has a two-player option and three levels of difficulty. Discover culture through arts and crafts. Learn interesting facts about the people, places, and animals of other countries while you paint and decorate cultural artwork. Print, color, and assemble crafts for hours of imaginative play. Recognize numbers and learn about quantities. Add people, animals, buildings, and familiar items to create villages. Build the towns that Stanley asks for, or dream up your own. Learn new foreign words too.