Spyify – Mobile Spy Software for Android (Samsung, Sony, HTC, Huawei etc..)


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Spy software for Android:
- Get copy of all incoming and outgoing SMS / messages
- Call recorder - logs and record every single phone call, you can listen to them at any given moment
- Room recording / Ambient recorder - Record the surroundings of the phone when you want and where you want it
- GPS position - You will always be able to see where the phone is on a map as long as it has GPS signal
- Completely invisible on the phone. It will by no chance be detected.

Requires Rooted Android:
- Facebook messenger activity
- WhatsApp chat
- Skype conversations

How it Works
1. Purchase the application
2. We will shortly after send you a email including installation guide and where to download the software
3. On the phone that you want to surveillance, install the software
4. It will generate an unique ID
5. Send us the unique ID
6. We activate the software and you are ready to go

If you need any help on installing the software, we will always be there to support you through phone, Skype or email - at no cost.
About Spyify
We've made a simple to use Spy software for Android phones. We don't promoise fancy features that we cannot hold.

Who uses Spyify?
- Spyify is a great tool for people who want to figure out what their partner is doing, business relations or parents that wants to protect their children.

Is Spyify visible on the phone?
- No, Spyify is completely hidden on the device.

Is Spyify legal?
Yes, you can install this software on your own device, but you are not allowed to install this software on anyone elses phone without their permission.

Software used to spy on Android phones