Reader Rabbit 1 (Reading and Phonics) 1996 Edition Ages 3-6


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Content The grandaddy of reading software, Reader Rabbit 1 is still a winning choice for pre- and early readers. It focuses on basic reading skills, with activities that stress phonics, vocabulary building, spelling, letter recognition and memory. Reader Rabbit 1 uses more than 200 three-letter words, emphasizing the individual sounds made by each of the letters. Instructional feedback is provided by the Master of Ceremonies-Reader Rabbit himself. Reader Rabbit 1 is set in the 'Word Factory', where the player helps Reader Rabbit make words to load on Ernest the Engine and his word train. Each correct response is rewarded with a word of encouragement and an amusing stunt, or a choreographed dance performed by Reader Rabbit and Mat, his sidekick. Without exception our child-reviewers delighted in Reader Rabbit and Mat's dance sequences. When the train is filled with words it chugs off to Wordville and the player is moved up to the next level of play. This time-tested winner is a good bet for any family with young readers.
Reading and Phonics
Reading and Phonics
Builds Preschool through 1st Grade Skills