Physical Inventory Counting & Reporting Software with Bar-code Reader/Wand


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Built with small businesses in mind, this program is exactly what you need to help with your physical inventory counts. If your inventory items are bar-coded, this program will help you quickly and accurately record physical counts and warehouse/shelf location data. When the initial round of counting is completed, you will have access to a variety of reports that will help you with any required audits, accuracy checks, & secondary counts. Once you are satisfied with the data collected including the secondary audits/counts, you will be able to use the information to adjust your G/L and as importing data to update the inventory numbers in your accounting or POS software. This program will also help you organize a messy warehouse because the data collected keeps track and notes multiple locations for identical items. This quick and effective program is a simple console application but rivals the functionality of other programs and/or services that could cost you thousands of dollars annually. | Designed to read/scan one-dimensional (linear type) bar codes such as Code 39 and Code 128. | Can handle up to 100,000 different UPC's (or SKU's). | Console application built to run on Windows operating systems. Will operate on notebooks, laptops, netbooks, and desktop computers. | Best results when used in conjunction with Microsoft Excel (not included). General knowledge of Microsoft Excel is an asset. | Purchase includes 1-year renewable site license; three (3) stations maximum. | Purchase also includes one (1) wired linear barcode reader/wand (China import) with 5 foot USB cord (a $60 value). | Barcode reader will be pre-configured prior to shipping to work correctly with software. | Trial version of software is available to qualified candidates. Please email with "PI100 Trial Request" in subject line for further details.
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