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Currently, Akkadian signs are usually written in the Neo-Assyrian writing system. Books written with this system include a numbering system, with a number assigned to each sign. The folllowing books are examples of this. Sumerisches Lexikon by P. Anton Deimel, 1925 Manuel D' Épigraphie Akkadienne by René Labat, Florence Malbran-Labat, 1963 Assyrisch-babylonische Zeichenliste by Rykle Borger, 1988 In 2003, Dr. Rykle Borger introduced a re-organized numbering system in his book Mesopotamisches Zeichenlexikon Dr. Borger worked with Linguist's Software, Inc to produce LaserAkkadian, a font which can be used with a computer. This made writing Akkadian glyphs very convenient. There was no Old Babylonian font available when I worked on my book, Code of Hammurabi. Consequently I worked with cut/paste, not copy/paste as you would often be able to do with a computer, but I actually cut pages to get a picture of the "word' and then pasted the image of the "word' pictures. It was a cumbersome, slow process. That is how I finished my book. This digital Old Babylonian font that I have created will spare others from having to use the same cumbersome process. Purchasing FontLab software and learning to use it were necessary for creating this digital font. I used Dr. Harper's book as a reference for the word shape. There may be more Old Babylonian signs besides what are present in the Code of Hammurabi. If anyone can provide Old Babylonian signs with verification of equality to specific LaserAkkadian signs or signs in previously listed books, I will offer to create additional glyphs at a cost of $50.00 per glyph.