NPTE Audio Review National Physical Therapy Exam 5 Hours, 5 Audio CDs – NPTE Exam Review


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Proudly made in the USA. Program supports America writers, editors, speaker, managers and artists. 5 audio cds include coverage of NPTE Body of Knowledge established by the The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy. The major content areas covered by the exam for physical therapists are as follows: Physical Therapy Examination; Foundations for Evaluation, Differential Diagnosis, & Prognosis; Interventions; Equipment & Devices; Therapeutic Modalities; Safety & Protection; Professional Responsibilities; Research; Cardiovascular/Pulmonary & Lymphatic Systems; Musculoskeletal System; Neuromuscular & Nervous Systems; Integumentary, Metabolic & Endocrine Systems, Gastrointestinal System, Genitourinary System, System Interactions Presented by subject expert and professional speaker. 5 Hours, 5 Audio CDs, Plays on all CD players. MP3 Download included free upon customer request
NPTE Audio Review National Physical Therapy Exam