Muzzy Level II Multilingual (Spanish, French, German, Italian, American English and British English)


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The MUZZY story continues! Developed by the BBC, the MUZZY sequel is filled with an all new language learning adventure. Watch as your child builds and expands his or her language skills through the second set of MUZZY stories, songs, and games. The MUZZY Method MUZZY Level II continues to model the "see and say, listen and learn" technique employed in MUZZY Level I and mirrors how a child learns their first language. Throughout the humorous dramatic story, words and concepts are introduced in new contexts, allowing for children to build on what they've learned in both MUZZY Level I and Level II. MUZZY Level II can be used side-by-side MUZZY Level I or later on when your child is ready for more. MUZZY's multisensory teaching technique appeals to all types of learners. The natural immersion approach surrounds viewers with visual, aural, and contextual language. Each lesson serves as the foundation for the next, building on the words and concepts your child just previously learned. Regardless of age, your child is ready to continue the MUZZY adventure and their unique learning style will set the pace! In MUZZY Level II Your Child Will Learn About: Expressing present, past, and future actions, accepting and declining politely, giving commands, giving directions, community, the garden, time, tools, musical instruments, sports, toys and games, pets and animals, foods, occupations, daily activities, describing what one is wearing, using the possessive tense, expressing wants and needs, asking and answering questions, and much, much more! Children have an amazing natural ability to learn a language. Taking advantage of this time to expose your child to a second language has been shown to have many long-term benefits including improved thinking and analytical skills, higher test scores, and enhanced communication skills.