Maitetsu & Monobeno (Happy End) Double Set 5th Edition まいてつ&ものべの 仲良しセット 第5刷 [JAPANESE LANGUAGE – WINDOWS PC – EROGE HENTAI ADULT GAME]


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発売からの修正を加えたリマスター版になります。ジャケット等絵柄に変更点はございません。 同梱特典:1.まいてつ ボーカルコレクション(主題歌を含む、まいてつのボーカル曲、全12曲をまとめた豪華CD) 2.まいてつ Hシーン大増量パッチ(『まいてつ』の各店舗グッズの絵柄を元にしたシチュエーションのHシーン増量パッチ) 3.Lose抽選葉書2枚 It becomes a remaster version with a modification from the release. There is no change point in the pattern such as a jacket. Included Benefits: 1. Normally one vocal collection (including theme songs, pretty much vocal songs, gorgeous CD with 12 songs all together) 2. Indeed H Scene large incremental patch Situation of H scene increment patch based on the pattern of store goods) 3. Lose lottery postcard 2 sheets Supported OS: Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 Japanese version CPU: 2.66 GHz or more Memory: 2 GB or more HDD: Free space of 10 GB or more Resolution: 1280 × 720 VRAM: 256 MB or more DirectX: DirectX 9.0 c or later We applied all H scene patches created by "Ippe's -more smile-" series and web addition H scene project etc. to "Ippe's -happy end-" which was a lot up to the latest work " Set full version! Please try super volume with over 400 CG and 100 scenes in H scene !! Also, a total of 15 hours of voice content, such as voice drama, system voice and voice mail, created with "one's food", 9 vocal songs of all things and their remixes 26 songs totaling 26 songs, all BGM Song tunes collection of 67 songs with wave, We also include an archive collection (included on DVD - ROM) of luxurious ones containing six kinds of wallpapers. 【Recorded works】 ■ The -happy end- · Genre: Cinematic novel · Original picture: cura · Scenario: Progressive leopard / Michiko Nino ■ Toy's smile-series · Genre: Fan Disc · Original picture: cura · Scenario: progressive leopard ■ Always · Genre: e-motion novel · Original picture: cura · Scenario: progressive leopard (C) Lose All rights reserved.
****You must be 18 years of age to purchase this item.**** Please beware that the item is from Japan (the language and text are in Japanese), then in case of PC Windows Game, the item requires Japanese version of OS to be played. OR please configure your computer to be able to use Japanese language. Please make sure if you can play it before purchasing the item.