Macintosh OS X Installer Upgrade- Catalina (OS X.15), Mojave (OS X.14), HIGH Sierra (OS X.13) & El Captain (OS X.11) Quad Bootable USB Flash Drive USB Repair Disk


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This 32 GB USB flash drive has four 8GB partitions - a bootable CATALINA (Mac OS X.15), MOJAVE (Mac OS X.14), (HIGH SIERRA (Mac OS X.13) & SIERRA (Mac OS X.12). Perfect for formatting and installing the Mac Operating system on any Apple Macintosh Computer that can handle either one of these operating systems. Can also be used to upgrade your Mac's Operating System to MOJAVE (Mac OS X.14) & HIGH SIERRA (Mac OS X.13) SIERRA (Mac OS X.12) & OS EL CAPITAN (Mac OS X.11). This auction includes a 32 GB USB flash drive (formatted into FOUR partitions as described above) and an instruction sheet that clearly illustrates how to either: A) Use the installer to format (erase) a drive to install a new "clean version" of the operating system or B) Use the installer to upgrade your current operating system Full instructions included. USB flash drive may not necessarily include original packaging. Due to our suppliers, the USB flash drive may not look exactly as pictured.
Clean install or upgrade to Mac OS X (CATALINA OS X.15, MOVAVE OS X.14 or, HIGH SIERRA OS X.13 & SIERRA OS X.12