Home Page Reader for Windows 3.0 Program Pack


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Leveraging the power of voice, Home Page Reader (HPR) takes Internet access for blind and visually impaired users to a dramatic new level. In short, this innovative product is a spoken on-ramp to the Information Highway. By teaming up the tremendous capabilities of IBMs ViaVoice Outloud text-to-speech, SAPI-compliant speech synthesizer and Netscape Navigator, Home Page Reader speaks web-based information just as it is presented on the computer screen. From graphics descriptions and text in column format to tables and data input fields, Home Page Reader audibly provides the complete information the user needs. Quickly. Easily. And efficiently. Theres no extra hardware synthesizer to buy. The user simply interacts with the computer using a basic numeric keypad in a Microsoft Windows environment. Home Page Reader opens exciting new doors of opportunity to independently access the vast resources available on the Internet. Home Page Reader audibly communicates complete information from graphical user interface web pages to the user, including tables, frames, forms, and even alternate text for images. The full range of web page data is provided in a logical, clear, and understandable manner. Home Page Reader speaks link information or ALT text for objects like images and image maps. In addition, the product speaks HTML 4.0 information provided by web page authors, providing valuable information like summaries and table captions. You can navigate and read complex tables, such as television listings, using table navigation mode. In table navigation mode, you can easily read table rows, columns, and cells, including table cells that span multiple rows or columns. Using the numeric keypad as an interface, Home Page Reader allows the user to navigate and manipulate web page elements like image and text links, form elements, standard text and frames. With the convenient keys help mode, the user can press any Home Page Reader key combination and hear a description of its use.