Fortinet – FC10-01001-1140101?A – FortiGuard Antispam – Subscription license ( 1 month ) – 1 device


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With the heavy and growing reliance on email for business communications, the ability to keep email servers running smoothly and spam free is becoming mission critical. If legitimate email becomes falsely classified as spam it can be equally disastrous for a corporation as critical communications can become impaired. Wasteful email server buildout, downtime, unknowing transport of spyware, grayware, intrusions or even embedded viruses are all side effects of unwanted spam email. Fortinets FortiGuard Antispam Service provides automatic updates to both FortiGate and FortiMail systems to reduce the amount of obvious spam at the network perimeter. To increase detection rates, the FortiGuard Antispam Subscription Service deploys dual scan technology to quickly identify, tag, or block obvious spam messages.
Category: Online & appliance based services - antispam, e-mail services| Product Type: Subscription license - 1 month| License Type: 1 device| Type: E-mail database update - 1 month