FAA Private Pilot Test Prep


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Aviation Seminars will email you license code upon purchase. Aviation Seminars has been providing Live Classroom test preparation courses for nearly 50 years. With over 100,000 students trained since 1974, we know the FAA test and we know how to get you through it. We're now bringing that Live Classroom methodology into the Online World. Stop wasting time and money and let Aviation Seminars do the heavy lifting. Our time proven method has a better than 95% first time pass-rate, and best part, if you don't pass the exam after going through our Online Test Prep, we will refund 100% of your course fee. What to Expect: Aviation Seminars filmed a Special Live Classroom course and digitalized the content. With crystal clear audio and video, and stunning visuals, we bring our Live Classroom program to your screen. Download a copy or have us ship you the course books (including the FAA Computer Testing Supplement), sit back and watch the seminar at the time that works best for you. Video Based Content · All Sessions Were Filmed Live at Aviation Seminars Classroom Test Prep Courses · Dynamic Presentations featuring Digital Graphics, Videos and Classroom Participation, instructor by one of Aviation Seminars Top FIRC and Seminar Presenters, Michael Karim. · Michael has a PhD in Instructional Design and backs that credential with a CFI Certificate, Advanced Ground Instructor and Instrument Ground Instructor Ratings. Interactive · Classroom Participation, Onscreen Tools, Subject Reviews and Online Practice Exams · Each course includes 1 hr of telephone support with an Experienced CFI and Ground Instructor. Get that additional help from a live CFI if you need it! Sessions Include: Private Pilot Regulations U.S. Airspace Aerodynamics and Aircraft Operation How to Use a Flight Computer and Plotter Private Pilot Navigation Aircraft Instruments Aeronautical Information Manual Aircraft Performance Weight and Balance Weather Theory Weather Reports. Testing Endorsements Included
Private Pilot Test Prep