Disney’s Zoog Genius: Language Arts, History, Geography


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Trivia that puts your brain to the test withlanguage arts history and geographyProduct InformationAre you a Zoog genius?  Power up your computer and get ready for a wildride through the Zeether with all your Zoog Disney friends in Zoog Genius:Language Arts History and Geography.  It's the CD-ROM game for kids ages9-12 that turns your PC into a twisted educational game show and makes you andyour friends the stars!  Features hundreds of rapid-fire multiple-choicequestions based on curriculum supplied by renowned educational experts McREL.Skills LearnedLanguage Arts Skills strategies stylistic and rhetorical aspects of writing Grammar spelling and mechanics of composition Level appropriate vocabulary in speechHistory Significant people events problems and ideas Democratic values Causes/nature of movements of people Social and economic effects of scientific and technological discoveries and their discoverers/inventors Attributes and developments of world societiesGeography Uses of maps globes and other geographic tools and technologies Physical process that shape patterns on the Earth's surface Characteristics of ecosystems on the Earth's surface Impacts of humans actions on the physical environment Patterns and networks of economic interdependence of Earth's surfaceProduct Features Fast-paced twisted quiz show style questions. One and two player game action that lets you match wits against your friends. Three levels of difficulty for all of you braniancs. Fun trivia based on match science and technology that will put your brain to the test. ZeeBase custom question tool with text-to-speech technology that allows you to create your own questions and e-mail them to your friends. Curriculum supplied by renowned educa
Made with the Best Quality Material with your child in mind.
Made with the Best Quality Material with your child in mind.
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