ClickArt 50,000 (Jewel Case)


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Expand your image library as well as your imagination with ClickArt 50,000. Whether you create projects for work, for school, or just for fun, ClickArt 50,000 is a must-have in any design software library. Enrich all your projects with this set's 50,000 premium graphics, fine art works, photos, and other elements. Built-in image editing tools make ClickArt 50,000 complete, affordable, and creative software.

Ideal for greeting cards, banners, calendars, signs, labels, newsletters, and other projects, ClickArt 50,000 helps you find the ideal graphic accent to enrich every design, from exciting photos to any of 200 eye-catching TrueType fonts. Use the advanced drawing tools and a built-in photo workshop to fine-tune images to meet your needs.

The software is compatible with all of your favorite Broderbund print programs--including The Print Shop, PrintMaster, American Greetings CreataCard, Calendar Creator, and Family Tree Maker--as well as other popular desktop-publishing applications.