Borland C++ Builder 5.0 Professional Upgrade


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This product is an upgrade. You must have a previous version of C++ Builder Professional.

C++ Builder 5 Professional combines the C++ Windows development environment for building desktop and database applications with native Internet components for building high-throughput Web applications. C++ Builder increases productivity and manages the entire development cycle with more than 150 reusable components, the XML-based Project Manager, and a true ANSI/ISO C++ 32-bit optimizing compiler to deliver reliable applications to market faster. C++ Builder includes a professional IDE, WebBroker, Native Internet Components, InterBase Express, and robust debugging tools. Use the CodeGuard run-time error detection tool to easily locate and diagnose memory and resource leaks on the spot. Understand and navigate your code and data modules with the Project Browser, Code Explorer, and Data Module Designer views. Visually build components for your business with Frames. Build and reuse COM objects and servers, including a complete suite of MS Office automation controllers.