Anatesse Software for Seikel/King/Drumright’s Anatomy & Physiology for Speech, Language, and Hearing, 5th Edition


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Anatesse software is your true partner in learning. These labs give you the opportunity to examine structures and functions of the speech mechanism in the more flexible environment of your personal computer. The ANATESSE software is keyed to the text, reinforcing identification of the structures presented during lecture, but more importantly illustrating the function of those structures. An icon in the margin of the text indicates that you'll find a related lesson on ANATESSE, where you can examine speech physiology through the interactive manipulation of the structures under study, and learn the relationship of the body parts and how they function together. The ANATESSE software labs are self-paced, with frequent quizzes to help you examine the effectiveness of your study habits. If you spend two or three half-hour sessions per week with the ANATESSE software, you will get the greatest benefit from your classes and readings. The software will also prove a great refresher in preparing for quizzes and examinations.
ISBN: 9781285198323
ISBN: 9781285198323
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