AMR Energy Management Software for wireless or modbus rs485 Smart Electric meter


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This software is available for many meters and different gateways. We are offering it now as part of a solution, you can add the following smart meters and data colection Meter Reading gateway: Amazon B07GX6L8BJ SMART METERS to create a complete wireless system: Amazon B07GXWSYLT The price in this listing is for software to control up to 30 meters. For more than 30 meters we have another license. New generation energy meter remote reading solution based on LoRa wireless communication. Compare to the traditional Bus line communication, LoRa technology provides a simpler, quicker and cheaper way to monitor and control the energy consumption remotely. Eastron LEMS contains LoRa Energy Meters, LoRa repeater, LoRa Gateway, LoRa Convertor, Management Software. Eastron LEMS is a flexible solution, both LoRaMesh (self-defined) and LoRaWAN (Standard) are available. Eastron LoRaMesh system use self-defined LoRa protocol for wireless RF communication. Eastron also provides single phase and three phase meter with LoRaWan protocol. Data Collection Remote Parameters Setting Realtime Measurement and monitoring Graphic and tables presentation Key Volts Amps and other data
Remote meter reading gateway
Remote meter reading gateway
LORA and modbus gateway